Montchristo is an attempt to offer the best technology to meet all people, regardless of the technical resources they have and where they are.

Seeking, with this, to make them aware of the importance to the world and all its inhabitants, be they animals or plants, leading them to the responsibility we have in preserving this planet, which has so cordially welcomed our species and gives us shelter, Some (of us) to attack and usurp their meager resources.

In this attempt to live in peace with nature, we have good and clean technology as the main way to reach a truce and, perhaps, to restore the balance we have lost in the last centuries and, gradually, to be welcomed back as good guests, returning To be welcome among our fellow-travelers of existence.

Therefore, having this goal in mind, we return our efforts, mainly, to Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality at the beginning, to attend to our individual users, so, one by one, we can gradually gather a whole capable of Make our dream real by turning a goal into the mind of each one of you.

Remember that no government can not do it all alone - be it for mismanagement or for any other reason. So we should not stand still, we can always try to change the picture in front of us, and, believe me, it's ugly and so we need every possible help!

It was like this, I decided to take this step to help you and, in time, also be able to help other people, both in personal appreciation and in the recovery of self-esteem and citizenship.

We apologize for not being able to bring you instantly or transport you to a better future right away, but we ask you to rely on our efforts to lead you on this path that together we can work with your support.

Franse de Castro