Who we are

Franse de Castro


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he started working at a motorcycle workshop at the age of ten, and at fourteen he started writing pocket books with police stories, and especially Far West.

Under the most diverse pseudonyms, he has written technical books, fiction and biographies, most often selling copyrights and performing services such as Ghost Write.

He collaborated with several city newspapers in the interior of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) as correspondent, editor, illustrator and even comic artist. Being the author of the character "The Papagaio Filossofo Dólar", that was adopted in some institutions of basic education and superior, like a University of São Paulo (Brazil).

Although a dilettante, he graduated in History, but has already worked in a wide range of subjects, from computer science, electromechanics and biochemistry to civil construction. That is, he has already chopped wood and grazed pastures.