Collaborate you also

If you would like to join in our efforts, you will be warmly welcomed by email:

It is only necessary that you also send us the form by which we will be able to return the contact to you and how you would like to be known by our users friends, besides informing the area in which you would like to act.

Remember that a job like this has a series of unforeseen and mishaps that should not discourage you (especially some acid and offensive criticism) and should be grounded in the binomial work and honesty.

We must understand that without serious and pleasurable work one does not get anywhere ...

Before you begin, you must be sure of what you want to do, and be in accordance with your vocation.

If possible, gather a group of friends to share your desire and your plans, as it is essential to define the choice of the area in which you will act and how much you can devote.

But be careful, none of our employees, let alone the administrator, is remunerated in any way, only your work is exposed with due credit, because we do not aim at material profit in any way.

We thank you in advance for your participation and hope that it will be duly recognized by all.

And if you enjoy the work that we do, you can and want to contribute, you can also make us a donation of any amount through the button below:

Thank You!